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Fourth of July Stars & Stripes, aka..sun spots & fine lines

IMG_5288FullSizeRender                 HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY!!!!

Though its been raining for 3 days straight in St. Louis, and I’m not necessarily soaking up the sun (only rain), I still follow my SPF regimen because the sun still shines through the (enter curse word here) clouds. 

There are 4 main products that I’ve been using on my face, and I have consistently been using them for about a month now and they have all shown great results as I haven’t gotten sun burn, and I have no additional sun spots on my face (none that I will admit to).

I discover many of the products I use through magazines or referrals, and have yet to be steered wrong. My daily regimen always consists of Clinique’s Repair Serum, Rodan & Fields Redefine Eye Cream, and now that it summer I’ve changed to a new face cream by Josie Maran. I originally chose it as a sample with my Sephora points and ending up loving it. It has pure argan oil, jojoba oil, green tea, titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, and SunBoost ATB™, which is packed with antioxidants and hydrators to protect you from the sun and nourish your skin at the same time. Its non greasy and smells amazing!!

While most women may not apply foundation or anything tinted on a pool day, or a lounge day, I always apply some kind of tinted product. However, if you don’t wear the right one you will end up looking like a streaky mess as soon as you break a sweat. I have been faithfully using MAC Lightful C Tinted Cream in medium. It has an additional SPF 30, which you can never get enough of. It gives me the perfect amount of coverage, and you can’t even tell I’m wearing makeup. It immediately reduces the redness in my skin from my rosacea, and overtime, it also reduces the appearance of dark spots, and fine lines and wrinkles. Who doesn’t want that?

In addition to needing SPF coverage on your face we have some areas that we all forget, around the eyes, hands and your lips. While I wear sunglasses everyday regardless of rain or shine, I have been using an SPF stick by Sugar that I also picked up at Sephora. Its great to rub around your lips…..don’t forget to go slightly above your lips…. those fine lines appear due to sun damage. I don’t know about you, but I’m not a big fan of my lipstick bleeding up, NOT a good look. This stick is water resistant and great for on the go.

And of course I need a product for the mid day touch up. Usually by 2pm, I’m shiny and sweaty and if I haven’t reapplied anything on my face, I’m starting to get a tad red. This is when I apply my Colorescience Loose Mineral Sunscreen. Its tinted for your skin color, and you choose a matte or shimmer powder. Needless to say, I have the one with some shimmer. I also apply this on my chest and my shoulders if they are exposed, and I’ve yet to burn since I started using it. Note…….I purchased mine on Amazon as I have noticed the pricing is not consistent and the Colorescience site seems to be the most expensive. It does last about 3 months.

I hope this helps all of you sun goddesses or non sun goddesses out there! Have a wonderful Independence Day and stay safe!

Flawless Vacation


What a whirlwind of a vacation! I traveled to Nashville, spent time with a good friend who visited from Chicago, and had an amazing Memorial Day weekend which included a day at a friends summer home……with cocktails…..and 20 kids in a lake. Yikes…that actually sounds like a DCFS call……anyway…….I had 10 days off… a row! I cant remember the last time I did that. Perhaps it was my honeymoon, 13 years ago! I wish my beauty routine was as simple as it was then also. I never wore makeup (didn’t have too), and didn’t have a concern at all about protecting my 24 year old skin. So now I pay……but I do enjoy the play of discovering new beauty products.


During my 10 days off, I wore minimal makeup, though this might seem like a bit much for others. My vacay routine takes me 4 minutes (I timed it for you). Even though I wear moisturizer with SPF 30, I also wear a tinted, color correcting cream on top, that also has SPF 30 coverage. It gives me the perfect amount of coverage, but its not a foundation so it doesn’t drip off in the summer heat. Its very light and is infused vitamin C.

Next, I quickly dab concealer under my eyes (with my ring finger, of course) for easy coverage, and then I use a very soft pink blush for a little color. I throw on a quick coat of mascara (only on the top), and use a nude color on my lip. I have a very red lip naturally, which I’m not a fan off, so I always tone it down with a nude overtone.

All of the products I use can be found under my Shop My Look

Happy summer and may all you beautiful babes stay fresh in the summer heat!

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