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My Traveling Beauty Necessities


Every. Single.Time, I used to travel I would find myself questioning what I should bring, what I shouldn’t bring, what I need and don’t need and since I’ve moved to St. Louis and am traveling back and forth to Chicago quite often, I feel I have nailed the traveling necessities.

I usually purchase 2 of almost everything that I use, so that I can leave one set in my toiletry bag, and then its already set and ready to go. PS….. it creeps me that the word toilet is in a term we use for travel beauty products……

First and for most………dry shampoo!!! For anyone that knows me, I wash my hair about every 4 days, therefore, dry shampoo is a must. I have tried many, but I always go back to Stila “Jade Blossom” Hair Refresher Dry Shampoo. It smells amazing and leaves my hair smelling fresh and not oily!

Of course, you need to bring your morning routine, however I am one that likes to travel light so I will typically bring my Pond’s facial wipes, my Clinique repair serum, my moisturizer, and my eye cream. These are the 4 essentials I need for a clean, and rejuvenated face.

Makeup and lipstick are a must. I used to carry my bag with 30 different lipsticks, but now I just take the colors I need , to coordinate with my outfits. I always bring a nude lipstick because as you may already know……I wear lipstick EVERYDAY! My favorite nude is YSL Rouge Volupte’ in nude beige. I typically bring my entire makeup routine with, I just narrow it down to a single neutral eye shadow and everything else comes with me!

Next on my packing list are my hair tool essentials. Since I don’t wash my hair everyday, my curling iron collection has become my best friend. I don’t bring them all of course, just my 1 inch barrel. This gives me that subtle wave that says “I just woke up like this”…….ooooor at least I think it does.

Last but not least, there is always the question of, “Do I bring fragrance??” My answer is NO. I just bring a small bottle of my favorite oil. I know it won’t spill, and its small enough to carry on a plane.

Top 5 Drugstore Products I love


How many times have you run out of your favorite mascara, face moisturizer or the dreaded eye cream you really needed because you did not sleep well the night before? This is my life on a daily basis and Ive had to make many quick runs to Walgreen’s or the local drug store. I thought I’d run through my favorite 5 picks so you don’t have to spend an hour looking at shelves of endless products

  • Moisturizer, Oil of Olay Regenerist micro sculpting cream. I’ve been using this for about a month now and my skin is loving it. It gives me amazing moisture without looking greasy, and it has kept my Rosacea tamed.
  • Eye Cream, Boot No 7 Lift & Luminate. This is the eye cream I always go back to after I’ve tried the one someone recommended for $60. It has caffeine in it so you get a quick release from your puffiness and it makes my concealer go on smooth with no creasing.
  • Mascara, Loreal Voluminous Extreme Volume Collagen in blackest black. I go back and forth between this mascara, Benefits They’re real and MAC’s false lashes mascara and I have to be honest, they ALL work the same. I was just recently asked if I had eyelash extensions while wearing the Loreal mascara. Totally worth the try!
  • Eye Liner, Rimmel London Glam Eyes. This is the easiest eyeliner I’ve ever had. The brush is nice and thin and its in liquid form so it slides right on. I have oily lids so my eyeliner never stays, but this one lasts throughout the day and doesn’t run onto my double eyelids.
  • Lips, Nivea Milk & Honey Natural Defense. I have 2 children who have chapped lips on a consistent basis, and I like to go to bed with moisturized lips and this has been my best find yet. It has shea butter in it so it literally feels like butter on your lips.



So this whole “start a blog” thing was not as easy as I had expected to be. Many of you are probably thinking “yes it is”, but I decided to use 2 separate companies to start my domain, and then put together my blog……note to all…..USE ONE COMPANY!!! Well, now that its done, I couldn’t be more excited to share it with you all. Thank you to everyone who pushed me to do this, and promised me (I paid them) that you would follow me. A big thanks to everyone who has yet to block my posts and selfies on Facebook And Instagram. I promise they will get better and I’ll find a new place to take photos besides my car. Here we go!!!!

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