I never thought that in my 30’s, I would struggle with aging. Its not the age that bothers me, but the slight lines developing on my forehead (I’m very animated), the number 11 in between my eyes, (that’s what the Botox was for), and the suns spots on the side of my face (Rodan & Fields better pull through). Now, many might say “Those lines are natural, aging is beautiful”. C’mon ladies, you know as well as I do that we have to try 10x as harder as men in the morning. We wear makeup for a reason, we have to color our hair, and exercise more often, and the list gets longer as we get older.

I’m not saying that I’m not happy with myself, I’m saying that I am beginning to embrace my face as I age. The positive to this entire aging process is that 1. I am more happier in life as every year passes (hens the laugh lines), and 2. I seem to feel a bit more confident about myself as time goes on. I have been told that I must have a ton of confidence because I take selfies of myself everyday. NOT TRUE….. my selfies are taken to talk about what I may use on my face to defy the aging process, or to cover up the slight imperfections that drive me crazy, with the hope that the products I use, can be suggested to others.


I am also aware that their are many other things to be concerned with in life, but I have a beauty blog so these are the things I am currently thinking about. I have posted some photos of a few of the many beautiful women in my life, that embrace their face at every age. (If you are not posted, its because you didn’t send me a selfie, or I couldn’t find a selfie to steal off of FB) I still love you……

My favorite part about getting together with my girlfriends is that we are always sharing natural facial remedies, beauty products, exercise routines, and recipes and then I get excited to share them with others. Many of us have the same concerns, but are scared to share them. I feel that we all need to support each other and give advice (when needed and perhaps asked), but if we can all embrace this process that we cannot avoid together, it make s it that much easier!! Amen