What better way to wear your hair in the summer time, than to have that “I just came from the beach” tousled hair. I find it to be the easiest way to get away with my 3 day “no washing my hair” routine.

I have had many people ask me to show them how I create my waves in my hair, as its become part of my daily routine and take me about 8 minutes to do from start to finish. I have curled all different hair types and lengths and with the right techniques ANYONE can have fun, way hair.

Now, this is the part I hate. I have recorded so many videos and hate how they make me look, but I have gotten over it today, and am posting a video on how I create my beach waves! PS…..Its so true that the camera adds 10 lbs….I need photo shop on my phone, pronto.

The products I used on my hair are Tresemme Fresh Start Dry Shampoo and I used Lavett & Chin Original Sea Salt Mist, which has been my favorite sea salt spray thus far.

Click HERE to watch my tutorial. Happy Curling!